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For pick and place window patching film – try our Polyester

Pick and place window patching technology allows manufacturers to produce all sorts of wonderful products. From simple flat window patches to more complex curved, slit or cornered window patching.

The accuracy and repeatability of this technology is what makes it so useful in mass production. But it’s not just the machinery that needs to work perfectly to produce great results.

Choosing the right film for your window patching is also crucial.

pick and place window patching

Developing the perfect pick and place window patching film.

Here at A.Warne we’ve been developing films for a huge variety of applications since 1926. Our 312F Polyester has been developed with pick and place window patching technology in mind, and it’s a vital component in high speed, high accuracy pick and place window patching lines.

Tough and scratch resistant for faster machine speeds.

The inherent toughness of 312F Polyester, combined with its scratch resistant coating makes it the ideal candidate for high speed pick and place window patching film applications. Machine speeds can be increased without compromise.

A great all-rounder for pick and place window patching applications.

From freezing cold to oven hot, our PET Polyester can handle it with ease. Plus, with its ultra low moisture vapour transmission rate, our polyester can dramatically increase product shelf life. No wonder it’s the number 1 choice for pick and place sandwich cartons.

Examples of pick and place window patching.

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