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acetate window film

Acetate window film overview

Combining unbeatable clarity with exceptional environmental credentials, our acetate window film ticks all the right boxes.

Made from 100% GM free, responsibly-sourced and sustainable wood pulp, acetate window film is fully home-compostable. What’s more, due to its cellulosic nature, it is readily recyclable in its own right and can be recycled along with paper in a re-pulping process. Alternatively, a high calorific value of around 20MJ/kg makes acetate window film ideal for energy recovery by incineration.

Not just Acetate window film

In its most popular form of acetate window film, this product is unparalleled. But its also very popular in other usages such as visual aids and graphic arts. It is also used in shoe tagging as well as animation and, when coloured, for 3D glasses.

Widely recyclable

Facilities are widely available to recycle acetate window film. Almost all homes in the UK are serviced by a regular recycling collection for this product.


Made from 100% GM free, responsibly-sourced and sustainable wood pulp, Acetate window film is fully home-compostable.

UV inhibitor

Acetate window film is also available with a UV inhibitor, giving greatly increased UV absorption over standard grades. This treatment makes our acetate perfect for outdoor use.

Available from 35mu to 250mu

Wondering if Acetate is compatible with your needs? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help. All prices are available on request.